A reversible plow is an agricultural tool for smooth plowing without detachable (splitting) furrows and cross edges. It is mainly used in complicated areas, as well as in processing soils on slopes where one-side ribbing is required. The reversible plow is provided with right- and left-rotatory shares fixed on the joint frame, which is rotated by 180° with the help of a rotating mechanism (in  the reverse function) after each working stroke. The mounted reversible plows are made with the number of shares from 1 to 4 and semi-mounted plows are made with 5 and more shares.

Due to the reverse function, at the time of the furrow completion, the plow turns by 180° with the help of hydraulic system and starts a new furrow tracking the previous one.


Basic features of the semi-mounted reversible plow of "Мастер" series:


Mounted mechanism.

The plow tower has a solid and elastic shaft of the category II or III hitch. Taking large impact loads the shaft protects the tractor and the tower. The tower is fixed to the frame with an axis made of high-quality steel treated thermally. The axis has two roller bearings accessible for lubrication.

This guarantees its special strength and long durability.

The support leg, adjustable in height, allows easy aggregation with the tractor.


The ability to adjust the point of application of traction and the gripping width of the first share is provided with the help of external and the internal adjusting screws.


Reliable rotary mechanism.

Two hydraulic cylinders provide quick and silent rotation of the plow by 180 degrees on the axis made of high-quality heat-treated steel. The axis rotates on two roller bearings, available for lubrication.

Precise adjustment of the plow’s tilting position in the furrow is provided for each side separately.

Changing the gripping width

The plow has 4-step gripping width adjusted by manual rotation of the elements of the beam. This makes it easy to adjust the plow according to different conditions (peculiarities of soil, tractor, etc.). When adjusting the gripping width, the coulters and the support wheel also change their position automatically.

Mechanical protection

Under pressure, the shear bolt breaks down and the plow’s body deviates from the obstacle and moves upward.

Wide-profile support wheel.

A wide-profile wheel reduces pressure on the soil during plowing, provides necessary processing depth and guarantees safety during transportation.

The working depth is adjusted at the front with the help of a three-point tractor linkage system, and at the rear with the help of a hydraulically adjustable support wheel.The adjusting bolts serve as a depth limiter.

Tilt Settings

With the help of the eccentric it is possible to adjust the inclination of the share for reliable digging into even very hard and dry soils.

Landside availability

Long landsides are used for reliable plowing. Landsides are 4-fold rotated, which allows to use the material completely. 

Plow body


Plow body with the curved universal moldboard

The curved universal moldboard is designed for medium and heavy soils, virgin lands and slopes. It is especially easy to dig into a clean furrow.

The processing depth is up to 30 cm.

Plow body with the bandpass universal moldboard

The bandpass universal moldboard is particularly suitable for sticky soils.

Good soil refinement, ploughing of furrows and stubbling make it quite versatile to use.

The depth of processing is up to 33 cm.



The plow body with a bandpass universal moldboard based on a curved universal moldboard

It is a curved universal moldboard with slots (1). This type of plow processes the soil works like the bandpass one (2), but, in contrast to it, is made as a joint element.

Interchangeability with a curved universal moldboard plow makes it more attractive for users.

The processing depth is up to 30 cm.

When manufacturing its products LTD "Завод "ОПТИКОН" uses a plow body produced by German company FRANK ORIGINAL, made from wear resistant boron steel.


When assembling two types of plowshares are used: with or without a chisel. The special shape of the plowshares helps reduce resistance and ensures a good stroke of the plow. The self-sharpening area of the plowshare has a large thickness due to which its service life is significantly increased.


Trashboard is a useful alternative for earthing plants’ remains. It comes along with a bracket.



Coulter is a universal skimmer suitable for earthing plants’ remains in any conditions. (Option)




Мастер А6  Мастер А7 Мастер А8
Number of shares, pcs. 6 7 8
Distance between shares, mm 1000 1000 1000
Frame height, mm 800 800 800
Gripping width, cm 33/38/44/50 33/38/44/50 33/38/44/50
Weight, kg 2960 3250 3580
Recommended power, kW/h.p. 154/210 177/240 221/300


 Photos of reversible plows (series "Мастер") can be viewed on our website by clicking the link to the page "Exhibitions" or the page "Photo gallery of products".


Reversible plow Master A8 with tractor New Holland T-8 at work part 1 (video)


Reversible plow Master A8 with tractor New Holland T-8 at work part 2 (video)


Reversible plow Master A8 with tractor New Holland T-8 at work part 3 (video)


Reversible plow Master A8 with tractor New Holland T-8 at work part 4 (video)