Stuble cultivator "ДИОНИС" allows to perform both stem and medium tillage at a depth of up to 18 cm at various processing stages.

Stubble cultivator embeds a large amount of  post-harvested remains and drops along with mulch before planting subsequent crops. At the same time  it destroys the capillaries to prevent loss of soil moisture.

If mulch sowing is being planned, and there is a large amount of straw in the surface layer of the soil, it is advisable to till the whole arable layer of the soil by processing to an average depth, thus, reducing the concentration of straw in the upper soil layer, which are the main preconditions for successful mulch sowing.


The main features of stubble cultivator "ДИОНИС":

Depth processing adjustment

The depth of processing is regulated by the permutation of the strikers in the plates with holes. While changing the depth with the help of parallel fastening, the hemispherical discs adjust to the new working depth automatically without further rearrangement.

Cultivator points

 The overlapped placement of cultivator points ensures an even and intensive embedding of plant remains.

For a longer period of use of wear parts, the tines can come along with parts covered with hard alloy.

Cultivator points produced by the German company FRANK ORIGINAL are made of boron wear-resistant steel.

Leveling disks

Hemispherical discs behind the stands provide additional distribution of straw and soil, as well as reliably level the surface of the soil.

Compacting roller


The compacting roller provides the reverse compactng of the soil.



Дионис 2.5 Дионис 3
Дионис 4
Working width, cm 260 300 400
Number of tines, pcs. 6 7 9
Depth of processing, cm 18 18 18
Frame height, cm 80 80 80
Weight, kg 950 1050 1450
Required power, kW/h.p. 59/88 74/110 96/140