The deep tiller "Фаворит" makes it possible to intensively loose the lower soil layers without turning them over but, at the same time, grinding and mixing the upper layer.

The aggressive position of the blades ensures deep retraction and intensive loosening. The soil ges torn loose, resulting in better aeration . The working mechanisms leave no traces of processing after themselves.

The two-shaft spinning roller digs into the soil and chops the lumps, intensively stirring the surface layer, throwing out the roots of plants onto the upper horizon, leaving a slightly depressed surface.


Basic features of the subsoilers "Фаворит":

Quick adjustment of the roller


Quick adjustment of the roller is carried out by reinstalling the strikers in the holes of the plates.

Overload protection

All subsoilers are protected against overloads.

The sheer bolt, installed in the upper part of the tines, is reliable to protect the legs and the frame against overloads. In case the bolt is broken, it can be quickly and conveniently replaced.

Fast-replaceable reversible tip and adjustable side wings - rippers are made of carbide wear-resistant surfacing to grind the ground even more precisely and crumble in moist soils.



 INDEX Model
Фаворит 2 Фаворит 2.5 Фаворит 3 Фаворит 4
Working width, cm 200 250 300 400
Number of tines, pcs. 5 5 7 9
Working depth, cm 50 50 50 50
Frame height, cm 82 82 82 82
Weight, kg 1210 1290 1590 2090
Required power, kW 74-118 81-147 110-184  132-221



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The subsoiler "Фаворит"

The subsoiler "Фаворит 4" at work Khersonsonskaya obl. part 1

The subsoiler "Фаворит 4" at work Khersonsonskaya obl. part 2

The subsoiler "Фаворит 4" at work Khersonsonskaya obl. part 3

The subsoiler "Фаворит 2.5"



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